Re: How many bugs have you fixed today?

Bastian Venthur notices how the „How many bugs have you fixed today“ question is used as a killer-argument against critism at the release-process.

I must confess that I also don’t like this attitude of people to use such arguments as a form to silence others. It is something that only people should do, who enjoyed bad manners.
But OTOH it is really sad to see that always the same people are fixing rc bugs. I can only guess, but it seems like out of over 1000 developers eventually 100 are actively involved in the squashing of release-critical-bugs. That is a shame. And people who try to blame the release team for the consequences happening because of this only aren’t really helpful, too. Its not like having a release team is meant to be a „5 people to rule/rescue the world“ approach.

Bastian, the problem with your attitude is, that you adduct such arguments with it. If its not visible that you do anything more to get Lenny out, except pointing with the finger at the release team, saying „Ha! Ha!“, and speculating how we will fail to release Lenny timely, then you shouldn’t wonder. You should remember that you are a part of the „We“, which is failing, when we as a project miss yet another release date.

And yes, I do agree that our release process is not really ideal and I think we should further push changes to optimize it (which already happened, given that the unblock-policy was way less strict as the years before), but where is your constructive contribution to that?

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