Learning NEO

Back a while I heard about the NEO keyboard layout, because a co-worker is using it. Learning another keyboard layout sounded like an interesting challenge. And so I gave it a try. I started by going through the ktouch lectures for NEO, about 2 weeks before I went to vacation. Since then its been 2 weeks and a few days and I did not practice during the vacacation. So at present I have been practicing for four weeks about 30-45 minutes a day.

Parts of this blog entry has been written with NEO, but till now I’m much to slow in typing it on my own (writing the few words above took 10 minutes ;), so I decided to go on in qwertz with the rest of the blog entry from now on.

Well, learning another keyboard layout is indeed an interesting and funny challenge, because people who do it, have to fight with themselves beeing used to write in their previous layout. And it is a significant adjustment, because NEO is really very different. Second: Until now I didn’t type in a 10-finger-system. So its a double adjustment, which is hard in itself.
From my perspective I’m not yet sure if I’ll stay with NEO once my type speed is acceptable. But its definitive interesting in many aspects, although few things really suck IMHO. For example typing the ‚j‘, which is next to the right shift key feels like a major pain. And I really often use that character when I write in german. But I’ll see.

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