Ubuntu considering critical bugs an „invalid“ bug?

I just discovered that bug report over at Ubuntu.
Short summary:
They have a script in upstart which is not meant to be run manually and if you do it will erase your whole file system. Additionally it seems that the fact that you shall not run that script is not communicated anywhere.

That alone isn’t the most spectacular about it. Bugs happen. Whats spectacular about it is how a Canonical employee and member of the TechBoard (for people who don’t know it: The people who decide about the technical direction Ubuntu takes) handles that bug. One quote of him to reflect it all:

Sorry, the only response here is „Don’t Do That Then“

So what we have here is a classical case of bad programming. The problem in question is that the script expects a certain environment variable to be set. Fair enough. However it does not check if its set at all and instead of failing or using a sensible default it simply sticks to undefined behaviour. What we have here is a classical programming mistake every beginner tends to do. People who start programming often forget (or don’t know) that every external value we rely on must be considered untrustworthy. Therefore a good practice is to check those values.

In this case someone decided that this is useless because they suffer from the wrong assumption that nobody ever calls it manually and the other wrong assumption that caller of the scriptwill always set the environment variable correctly. This is a double-fail.

Now the developer in question does not accept that (someone else indicated why the behaviour of the script is dangerous), he simply says that the bug is invalid. Thats really a pity.