WordPress(ed) again.

I just migrated my blog(s) to WordPress.

Just recently I decided to put more time into blogging again. I wasn’t entirely happy with Movable Type anymore, especially since the last update broke my customized theme and I struggled with the installation of another theme, which basically just were never found, no matter which path I put it into.

What I wanted is just more blogging, not all that technical stuff. And since the Movable Type makers also seem to have gone crazy (their „Getting started“ site tells users to head over to movabletype.com to get a 999$ license) I decided to get back to WordPress.

There were reasons, why I haven’t chosen WordPress back when I migrated from blogger to MT, but one has to say anyway, that things have moved a lot since then. And WordPress is as easy as it can be and has a prosper community, something I cannot say about MovableType.

The migration went okay, although there were some oddities in the blog entries exported by MT (e.g. datetime strings with EM and FM at the EOL) and I needed to figure out how the multisite feature in WordPress works. But now I have exactly what I want.